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Poker tournaments:  basic tips to get success

If you are new to the poker tournament world, then you are in the right place. Let us talk about some basic poker tournament tips. Click here to know about Poker deposit pulsa.

Choose the tournament according to your budget

A very common mistake among less experienced players is to choose medium / high cost tournaments without looking at their available money or bank to play poker, only attracted by the final prize to the winner, this is an error for various reasons that we show here:

You should not play entry tournaments that exceed 1% of your budget or bank available to play poker, tournaments against more people involved in them are more difficult to win, so the implicit variance in them will be greater.Visit this site to know about Poker deposit pulsa.

Tournaments with higher entries have a greater record of winning or professional players, being harder to win with what your chances of victory are minimized.

Play strong hands in the first levels

At the beginning people will play very loose and bluff with excessive cadence, play few hands and make them strong, you will enter little at stake but your boats will be bigger and better than if you are constantly getting into trouble with middle or marginal hands, with the consequent risk elimination.

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Become more aggressive as you advance in the tournament

When the blinds start to go down people become conservative, it is time to start opening more hands to steal the blinds or steal boats, since people tend to give up more against less stack they have since they play with fear of being eliminated.

It is also the time when you need to move and increase your stack or the blinds will end up eating your entire stack waiting for a strong hand and you will not be able to progress until winning places. 

Stay tuned for your gaming table

Depending on how aggressive or passive your rivals are, you will have to move more or less at your game table, if they are aggressive try to play strong hands to be above the opponent’s hand, if they are passive take advantage of the table and steal all the boats that leave you, if a passive opponent shows strength, leave your hand, it is better to abandon a medium-strong hand and continue attacking a table so passive and easy to steal than end up stamping your entire stack against your opponent’s cannon.